Suzanne Giesemann in Carbondale

Adventures in Consciousness: To What End?
presented by Suzanne Giesemann, former Navy Commander
and aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
now an evidence-based medium.

Wednesday, September 27
7 to 9 pm
Third Street Center, Calaway Room
520 S Third Street, Carbondale

Join us in welcoming Suzanne Giesemann back to Carbondale for the 4th year in a row!

As eternal souls temporarily in physical form, many of us have experiences of connection with higher aspects of our selves at some point in our human lives. These experiences can be transformative on a personal level, with ramifications that extend beyond our immediate circle of friends and family members. Suzanne will provide a look into why and how we can honor these extraordinary gifts of the spirit for the benefit of the greater good.

Admission: $25 per person.
Due to the popularity of Suzanne’s presentations we suggest you reserve your place NOW!
Reservations by e-mail to or call 970-618-5879.

Suzanne Giesemann is the author of eleven books, a metaphysical teacher, and an evidential medium. She captivates audiences as she brings hope, healing, and comfort through her work. Suzanne’s gift of communication with those on the other side provides stunning evidence of life after death. Touted as “a breath of fresh air” with “a quality that is so different from others that it is difficult to describe,” she brings messages of hope and love that go straight to the heart.

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Beyond Belief with Father Terrance Ryan

Saturday, September 9th
9:30 am to 12:30 pm|

Third Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Fr. Terry Ryan

Join Fr. Terry Ryan for a morning of presentation and meditation.

There is a belief in God that often fails to change us in any transformative way.  It is the belief in a creed, a series of statements about God.  Many people know about God. This is on the level of ideas. There is a deeper, more intimate way of knowing God, beyond thoughts and ideas.

Through deep meditation, or contemplation, we may be gifted with a direct experience of God as Love.  Religion can convey us to the door, and even open it, but only this deep prayer can take us through to Union with the Divine that carries us beyond our limited view of the world around us.

By Donation. $10 Suggested

Fr.  Ryan was ordained a Paulist priest in 1977.  Before that he had worked in corporate business with an MBA from Columbia Graduate School.  He began teaching about meditation and then the mystics in 1978.  The focus was interspiritual to include Eastern and Western persons and traditions.  Fr. Terry worked in campus ministry in Boulder and Knoxville, TN, as well as a big city downtown parish in San Francisco.  Presently, he spends summers at St. Benedict Monastery in Snowmass, and lives in Boulder and San Francisco other months of the year.

Learn more of his wisdom and philosophy through his blog…. Fr. Terry’s Spiritual Stuff

Live Balanced & Bold Program: 5 Steps to Change Your Life

Live Balanced & Bold Program
is offered as a two-part series:

Saturdays, September 9th and 23rd
9:30 am to 12:30 pm
3rd Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Are you:

  • suffering from indecision?
  • feeling stressed or fearful?
  • going through personal transformation?
  • unable to strike the right balance between work and personal life?

The Live Balanced & Bold program, developed by Alicia Sirkin, founder of Sirkin Creative Living Center, is a program with a proven methodology to help you get unstuck.

What to expect:

Part 1

  • Identify what’s not working, then monitor and shift negative self-talk.
  • Use self-assessment to create simple, personalized action steps.
  • Learn different self-help modalities, such as Bach flower remedies, Quantum Emotional Clearing (QEC) tapping, and meditation techniques to enable change.

Part 2

  • Refine and practice the new modalities to create lifelong change.
  • Receive personalized and supervised guidance to help deepen your knowledge, gain control, and succeed.
  • Gain deeper understanding of old patterns and replace them with ones that work

*All students will receive handouts for home study.

Pre-registration fee (for 2-part series): $108.00 / $120.00 at Door |
**Students who pre-register will receive an additional 30-minute coaching session with Alicia**
To Register go to:
For questions, contact Alicia at 305-323-1187 or E-mail:

Alicia Sirkin is a Personal Achievement Coach and a leading expert in the field of Bach Flower Remedies. As the Founder and Director of The Sirkin Creative Living Center, Alicia teaches Continuing Education courses and guides her clients in the effective use of Bach remedies and other self-help modalities to facilitate learning for stress management, emotional balance, and inner harmony.

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This 2 part offering is a glimpse into Alicia’s 5 week program: