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Zach chiron gong

A Sound Healing Journey: Grounding in Present Moment Living
on the 2nd Friday of the month
Round Room, Third Street Center, Carbondale.
Tickets at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/149424096495

An invitation from Dr. Zachary Cashin…
“Please join me on a sound healing journey, currently scheduled once a month in the exqiosite Round Room on Friday evenings.
We are exploring the concept of present moment awareness and establishing a foundation for living the experience.
Experience an hour of vibration and sound with bells, chimes, digeridoo, flute and gong that steep you in the present moment.

Many teachers have come forth recently accentuating the importance of present moment awareness conceptually in our modern times. But what does it really mean and how can one achieve this state? Simply live in to it!
Looking forward to connecting deeply!"
With peace, love and joy!" - Dr. Zachary Cashin
Space available for ONLY 12 participants due to Covid-19 regulations. Reservations required by emailing info@davinikent.org
Admission: $35 per space.
More details HERE.

Sacred Masculinity with Zachary Cashin, DC at Third Street Center, Carbondale.
On hold for now. For more information call Zack at 303.520.1029.

Zack guides an evening of conversation, processes and activities that will open you to a greater sense of connectedness to yourself and all that is.

Space for 9 participants ONLY. To attend reserve your space info@davinikent.org.
There will be a variety of opportunities to explore your essential self through movement, meditation, drumming, poetry, journaling, sharing, processing for learning, loving and healing in a very safe and supportive space and way…
Donations will be gratefully accepted to support The Center for Human Flourishing – Davi Nikent - a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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