About Us

Behind Dävi Nikent’s poetic name is a most meaningful theme, which guides its pragmatic vision. Essentially, the role of Dävi Nikent is to ensure that there is “Always Light.” When seeking a name that would match the vision for the center we asked a Northern Ute Elder for a name that would mean “reconnection to […]

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Davi Nikent Today

Currently we are providing: experiential educational programs featuring integral therapies and philosophies focused on deepening and strengthening one’s ability to experience optimal vitality, wellness and aliveness. a website including an Events Calendar. the opportunity for practitioners to train in the integral model of health. the opportunity for other like hearted organizations to collaborate in projects […]

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Our Goals

Our goal is to build a retreat center that will provide: a welcoming and nurturing environment guidance from committed integral practitioners whose focus of practice supports a life of authentic and sustained health, happiness and wholeness. processes and skills which individuals and work teams/groups can use to relieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual suffering. “We […]

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Our Mission

Promoting Integral Health and Human Flourishing. Our mission is promote health and well-being for individuals, families and community by offering experiential workshops, seminars, retreats and topical films by pioneers in integral health* and human flourishing.** * The expansion of the health and healing process to address the entire range of the human experience: biological, psychospiritual, […]

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Our Vision

To establish a center that provides a welcoming and nurturing environment; guidance by committed integral practitioners focused on supporting clients to attain a level of authentic and sustained health, happiness and wholeness. We partner with an expansive roster of local organizations to present insights into the shifting global consciousness as it pertains to health, well-being, […]

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Our Mission

Promoting Integral Health and Human Flourishing

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FREE Intro
Followed by a 4 Day Course! Via ZOOM
Intro Tuesday June 30th at 6:00 – 7:00pm
Course dates July 2, 3, 7, 9 at 6:00 – 7:00pm

Hello Animal Parents! It’s Fireworks and Thunderstorm Season!!!! Does your dog, cat or horse suffer from loud noise phobia? Are you struggling with challenging behaviors? Is your animal dealing with some health issues? Want to make sure your puppy feel comfortable in their growing body? Are you curious how to help your aging animal who is slowing down?
Join Allecia for the In Sync Body Assessment and Muscle Release Technique™ Mini Course. In over 25 years of training and education this is her go to magic sauce for addressing the root cause of behavior and health issues in any animal.

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Finding Your Joy - Healing The Inner Child for Individuals and Family
Two Parts Part 1 Saturday, July 11th
& Part 2 Saturday Aug 1st
6:00 – 8:00 pm - Live Zoom Workshops!

Inside of every adult is a child screaming "let me out of here".

Discover the Creative Magical Child That Can Heal Your Life. By embarking on this path, you will avoid unnecessary fear & heal your own wounded, conditioned inner child giving you the parenting tools to keep your children’s inner child healthy and magical. What a legacy!

When the Inner child is healthy, the magical child can come out and play.

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Dr. Greg Feinsinger

Dr Greg Feinsinger's Recorded Presentation

Food is the Best Medicine! Building Immunity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Watch Greg's presentation!

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