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We invite individuals and communities to engage in opportunities for growth
that ignite the full potential of the human spirit.

Upcoming Events


Exploring End of Life Possibilities
The Documentary Griefwalker and Introducing Death Doula Akaljeet
Thursday, January 27th
6:30 to 8:30 pm
Third Street Center, Calaway Room

Join us for a screening of the documentary, Griefwalker, the 2008 documentary about Stephen Jenkinson, once the leader of a palliative care counselling team at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital.
Meet Aklajeet, who has recently completed certifications as a Conscious Death Coach and Sacred Passage Doula through the Conscious Dying Institute of Boulder, Colorado. She also holds multiple certifications including Healing Touch, Thai, sports massage & craniosacral.

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Masks required please.

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Vibrational Sound Journey into Present Moment Living
Friday, February 18th
Third Street Center, Round Room

An invitation from Dr. Zachary Cashin…
“Please join me on for a sound healing journey in the cozy atmosphere of the Round Room. We will be exploring the concept of present moment awareness and establishing a foundation for living the experience. Usually starting with a short Dharma talks and a guided meditation we then enter a sound journey, (with gongs, crystal bowls, and Tibetan singing bowls… and other sound healing instruments) to integrate charged emotions from past imprinting and create new spatial awareness and freedom in our mind, body and spirit in the present moment.
The experience and practices will help to you to enable, create and stabilize a greater quality of life in all aspects – personal life, relationships, while recreating and more.
Looking forward to connecting deeply!
With peace, love and joy!”

Admission: $35 Tickets available HERE.
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Heart symbol. Vegetables diet concept. Food photography of heart made from different vegetables on white wooden table. High resolution product.

Whole Foods Plant Based Potluck
4th Monday of Every Month
Monday, February 28th
6:30 pm
Third Street Center, Calaway Room
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Join us for a delicous, nutritious meal!

Everyone welcome! Join the growing community of folks who are enjoying life supported by Whole Foods Plant Based eating.

Bring an appetizer, entree, side dish or dessert to share. We'd love your recipe too!

Bring your plate, bowl, utensils, napkin and cup. We will provide lemon water & tea!

Invite friends, family members and colleagues to join us!

Questions? e-mail

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