Disconnect from the Fear Matrix

Disconnecting From the Collective Conscious/Unconscious Fear Matrix
with Shari Billger, International Teacher/Healer
Friday, September 16th
6:30 to 10 pm
Third Street Center, 520 S Third St., Carbondale

This is an advanced healing process from The Spiritual Planes that will free your energy from the Fear Matrix so you can connect with God and your soul in a higher vibrational resonance. If you are being fed by the Fear Matrix, the energies of control and fear will be within your energy body, no matter how much healing you do on yourself. It will feel like a never ending story of clearing the muck in life. In fact, if you have advanced and developed your energy body considerably over your life and have multidimensional experiences every day and you are still connected to this matrix, the amount of light you hold in your body will co-create the fears of the matrix to manifest through you, and also enhance your weakest genetic link in your body. It is also one of the main reasons why many are not able to heal completely in their lives even when they work so hard releasing fear and embodying love so deeply.

From Shari “I have facilitated this Fear Matrix Disconnect in many cities and countries now.  I have also done two PBS TV shows on the Fear Matrix. This matrix is like a form of distortion in our etheric grid, that causes all on Earth who are connected to it to experience disempowerment in this world. We are all aware of this matrix in some way. There has been a great movie called The Matrix made about it.”

Once you are disconnected from the Fear Matrix, one is able to clearly see, sense, feel the true reality we are sharing on the Earth through the eyes of your divine self.  One is then able to sense one’s true purpose creating a new reality based on love and not fear.  As we each do this, the Fear Matrix continues to dissolve thus having no control over us.

Important:  There will be a mandatory homework assignment. Preferred completion is three days prior to the event.  Some students report doing the assignment several times, so start early. If you plan on attending, please contact Shari with your firm commitment so that you can receive your homework assignment.

Each student will receive a healing from Shari!

Class Fee: $66.
Contact Shari1551@aol.com or 719-999-8478, 719-332-3942 (cell) with your firm commitment to register and receive your homework assignment.

Shari BillgerShari Billger is an international teacher/healer who facilitates a multitude of workshops and is certified in many healing modalities. A three page article was published on her work in the New York Times in 2007.

Shari’s website is www.sharibillger.com

Private Sessions with Shari on Friday, September 16, 2016 by Appointment!

Contact Shari by email shari1551@aol.com, or by phone 719-748-3412, or 719-332-3947 (cell) to book your appointment.

Transformational Healing Intro

Introduction to Transformational Healing
with META-Health Master Trainer, Physical therapist and Energy worker Lisbeth Lundgaard(DK)
Thursday, September 8th
7 pm
Board Room, Third Street Center
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

META-Health Events FlowerIn this 90 minute presentation your host Lisbeth Lundgaard will share with you powerful insights into the mind-body connection and its relationship to the development of illness and dis-ease.

  • You will be introduced to a powerful scientific model that embraces the intricate integration of mind, body and spirit.
  • You will see the specific role that stress, trauma and conflict plays in the expression of disease.
  • This evening will we also be connecting the dynamics of the feminine and masculine in relation

META-Health – there is an importance to balance your health in the world right now.

This introductory session is a lead-up to the 4 day Transformational Healing workshop Lisbeth is facilitating with her colleague Jon Robson in Carbondale September 15th through 18th. If you attend the Intro you qualify for a generous discount for the 4 day workshop. Not to be missed!

For anyone curious about how your mind affects or health and for anyone challenged with a condition that has become chronic and debilitating or anyone in between!


Lisbeth LundgaardYour Trainer:  Lisbeth Lundgaard lives in Denmark. She is a META-Health Master Trainer, Physiotherapist and a energy worker. She has a passion in bridging conventional and alternative medicine. She believes that if the two can work together, there will be more health and wellbeing for all. Lisbeth, in her clinical practice, works with an Acupuncturist, Reflexologist and a Medical Doctor.

More information about Lisbeth at www.METAhealthEvents.com




HUMAN DESIGN: The Bridge to Universal Peace
The Bridge to Universal Peace
with Shari Billger, International Teacher/Healer
Saturday & Sunday, September 17 & 18
10 am to 5 pm
Third Street Center, 520 S Third St., Carbondale, Colorado

Billger_HD_ImageYour path to unfold the gifts and genius of your DNA and your purpose on earth!

Would you like:

  •  your own unique blueprint guiding you to live the life you designed yourself to live?
  • to unfold and discover your purpose?
  • to work with your DNA to heal, discover your gifts and develop your mastery?
  • to stop struggling with relationships – any and all relationships?
  • to stop struggling with boundary issues?
  • to heal your shadow side?

Would you like to ……….. just fill in the blank –

Human Design will guide you!

What is Human Design? The Human Design system is a synthesis of the Indian Chakra System, astrology, the I-Ching, the Kabbalah and Quantum Physics. It is a literal stringing out of your DNA.

Living your design:I started learning this amazing system while teaching in Ibiza, Spain.  I have personally witnessed countless lives changed as a result.” Shari

Registration and deposit required by September 9 th to reserve your place.
Exchange: $244, after September 9 – $277, $100 deposit
To register contact Shari by E-mail: shari1551@aol.com or Phone: 719-999-8478 or 719-332-3947 (cell).

I will need your birth information in order to do your own unique chart which we will use in class.  I will also do the charts for family members. – Shari

Shari BillgerShari Billger is an International Teacher/vibrational Healer of many modalities.  The New York Times did a three-page article on her Egypt trip in 2007. Learn more about Shari at www.sharibillger.com.

Shari will be offering private multi-modality healing sessions on Friday, September 16th and potentially Monday, September 19th. For details and to schedule contact Shari by e-mail or phone. (Info above.)

The Human Design Workshop is co-sponsored by Davi Nikent, Center for Human Flourishing and Emily Marshall.