Transformational Healing Workshop

Transformational Healing Workshop
with META-Health Master Trainer, Jon Robson

Fri., Nov 4 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Sat., Nov 5 & Sun., Nov 6 10 am to 5 pm
Carbondale, Colorado

META-Health Events Flower Join Jon Robson for a life changing workshop guaranteed to be a beautiful meeting of soulful beings
for the purpose of individual and collective healing and evolution.

This 2.5 day workshop is for you is you are

  • struggling with chronic dis-ease issues.
  • a practitioner seeking to expand your practice and offer your clients new tools for healing.
  • curious about new ways to access the mind body doorways to health.

You will learn one of the world’s leading holistic healing systems and experience powerful health transformation. You will understand the very specific link between the mind, body and social experience in regards to disease and healing. You will learn how to discover the true root cause of symptoms and you will experience healing using heart-centered techniques.

Jon Robson will guide you through insightful processes to help you to discover and transform the underlying conflicts and energetic blocks that are depleting your vitality and creating symptoms.

Would you love to:

  • understand the specific root cause and biological meaning of symptoms so that you can deeply and completely heal?
  • dissolve fear and anxiety around illness and empower yourself through knowledge?
  • learn how to make wise choices in your therapy to ensure you triumph on the path to healing?
  • discover powerful information that unites body-mind-spirit and assists you on your journey of spiritual evolution?
This is a fee based workshop. Tickets can be purchased through following this link (click here) or emailing Jon directly on

Your trainer:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJon Robson lives between Colorado, US and England, UK. Jon is highly trained in the art and science of healing and has been assisting people to resolve significant illness for 13 years. He is a licensed META-Health Master Trainer, Founder of META-Medicine USA and a member of the Global Advisory Board for the International META-Medicine Association. More information about Jon at his website HERE.

Healing Ancestral Wounds

The META-Perspective on Healing Ancestral Wounds
with META-Health Master Trainer Jon Robson
Tuesday, November 1st
7 to 9 pm
Third Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

  • Do you fear the illnesses your ancestors experienced?
  • Do you worry that you have illness hidden in your genes that might attack you at any moment?
  • Do you seem to experience many of the same life challenges your parents or grandparents did?
  • Do you wish you knew how to break-free from repetitive life cycles?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above come and join us for this insightful workshop
on The META-Perspective on Healing Ancestral Wounds.
meta-health_familytree2META-Health is an advanced, evidence-based, system of Bio-Psycho-Social Healthcare. In this 2 hour presentation Jon share with you powerful insights regarding the link between your current state of health and the conflict-stress-trauma your ancestors experienced.

Jon D. Robson, META-Health Master Trainer

Jon D. Robson, META-Health Master Trainer

Jon Robson has been assisting clients and students to heal deep trauma and wounds for many years. In doing so he noticed that many of the conflicts his clients were experiencing were ones “inherited” from their parents, and often much further back on their family tree. Noticing this, Jon dedicated time to studying powerful methods and techniques to help people to release this stored stress and trauma. During this evening presentation he will present some of his discoveries with you.

Learn how the transference of wounds occurs!

Experience a pathway for healing ancestral trauma for the purpose of individual and collective evolution.

Promises to be an insightful and dynamic conversation.

Admission: $20
Contact Jon for further information on

Intro to Misha Bio-Energy

Intro to Bio-Energy with Misha
Friday, October 21st
7 pm
Third Street Center, Ste #31
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Misha logoMisha with son

Join us in welcoming Misha back to Carbondale!

Misha will provide information about Bio-Energy process that removes energy blockages so the body can resume its process of healing. He will lead us through a deep calming meditation followed by brief sessions on Bio-Energy for people who would like the experience.

Private Sessions by appointment only on Saturday, October 22nd in Carbondale, Colorado (location provided when appointment is made.)

“He (Misha) is one of the most powerful energy masters we have ever experienced. It is a blessing to be treated by Misha, and we highly recommend having a session with him.” – Leslie Temple-Thurston, Santa Fe, NM, Author of The Marriage of Spirit and founder of CoreLight .

Questions? and to make an appointment call Yuliya at 970-318-0198 or or e-mail to:

Learn about Misha’s work on YouTube:

Misha’s website is