Art of Feminine Presence Intro

Introduction to the Art of Feminine Presence
with Lora LeFhae, Founder of TruthSeed
Thursday, January 19
6:30 pm
Third Street Center, Board Room
520 Third Street, Carbondale

Join Lora LeFhae for an Introductory evening – a  debut of the Art of Feminine Presence class series beginning in Carbondale on January 31.

At this introduction Lora will offer you an experiential taste of the practices intended to help you integrate your masculine/feminine balance.  She will give you keys to opening the door to awaken the power and presence necessary to show up and engage your life and your “calling.”

This class is for you if you desire to:

  •  develop a physical and energetic presence that increases passion, magnetism and influence.
  • experience more ease in setting clear boundaries with others.
  • follow your “higher guidance” rather than always pushing to make things happen.
  • feel seen, and heard for who you are with more confidence, less fear.
Cost: $15, bring a friend for free.
To pre-register: call (303) 931-8946 or e-mail

“The secret to life is meaningless unless you discover it yourself.” ~W. Somerset Maugham

Lora LeFhae is a certified Art of Feminine Presence Teacher and the Founder of TruthSeed. She has 15 year experience as an Intuitive Counselor and Mentor. She is committed to working with smart, conscious, heartful individuals who possess a vision, a hope, or a dream. She helps women activate their power and presence so they can increase their impact, boost their income and improve their relationships.

For more information, visit Lora’s website at

Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung Intro

Introduction to Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung with Ellie Davis
Saturday, January 14th
4:30 to 5:30 pm
3rd Street Center
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Ellie Davis is offering a one hour workshop to teach us the practice of Buddha Palms or Healing Buddha Palms Chi Kung, a Chi Kung form designed specifically to prevent burn out in bodyworkers and healers, and the class is open to all people wishing to have more vitality in their lives.

Chi Kung is the art of mastering the chi, or life force energy, naturally present in your body using breath, slow movement, and meditation. The purpose of Chi Kung is to move stagnation and gain more access to energy that is always present, but often under used, in order to refine sensitivity and have a generally richer experience of life.

In this one hour class, you will learn what the Microcosmic Orbit is and how to access it, Bone Marrow Nei Kung, and the Healing Buddha Palms form as an introduction to doing a weekly practice together.

Ellie will offer weekly practice sessions if there are folks interested in meeting together to practice at an agreed upon day and time.

Suggested Donation:  $10
Questions? Call Ellie at 917-257 6302 or email her at
Ellie Davis’s BIO

Ellie Davis is a as an actress and writer and a massage therapist who has shared her creative skills in many cities around the U.S since 1994. She received certification as a practitioner Chi Nei Tsang from the Chi Nei Tsang Institute in 2013. She is also skilled in the Chi Kung form called Buddha Healing Hands.

Read more about Ellie  at

NeuroMovement with Jessi Hastings, RN

“Improve How You Move” with classes using the Anat Baniel method of NeuroMovement
facilitated by Jessi Hastings, RN LMT, Iyengar Yoga teacher and Anat Baniel Method Practitioner.
Mondays at 9 am
The Launchpad,
76 S 4th St, Carbondale

 “Making the impossible possible, the possible easy and easy elegant.” – Moshe Feldenkrais.


Jessi facilitating the Anat Baniel Method of NeuroMovement

  • Do you have a condition that limits your free movement that you have not gotten relief from?
  • What about a sports injury, a brain injury, a neurological condition?
  • Are you healthy and just would like to ski better, run better or improve your golf?

If “Yes” is the answer to any of these questions the Anat Baniel Method of NeuroMovement movement lessons are for you.

The movement is:

  • slow
  • non-forced
  • plenty of variation
  • accessible to all
Drop-in Rate: $15 • 5 Class Punch Card: $60
Please contact Jessi Hastings to register at (970) 946-8968 or e-mail

It does not matter if you are healthy or have limitation, all will benefit.
Please come ready to move and if you have a yoga mat, please bring it. Blankets will be supplied.


Jessi Hastings, RN, CMT, Certified Practitioner of the Anat Baniel Method of NeuroMovement

Your instructor, Jessi Hastings, is an RN who has done medical massage and taught Iyengar Yoga for 20 years in Durango, Colorado. Neuromovement is her latest and greatest passion.

Jessi offers private session on Wednesday afternoons in Carbondale and Tuesday, Thursday in Glenwood Springs.
Contact Jessi at 970-946-896 or e-mail to make an appointment.