Essential Oils for Your Family Health

Essential Oils for Your Family Health with Claire O’Leary founder of Clear Heart Healing Arts.
Plus Receive a FREE Health Scan!
Saturday, March 28th
1 to 4 pm.
Third Street Center
Board Room

520 S. Third St., Carbondale

Bring your friends and family! You will each receive a FREE Wild Orange Essential Oil for attending the class!

O'Leary discover doterra bannerA FREE EVENT!

 You will learn

  • How To Get & Keep Your Family Healthy Using Essential Oils with doTERRA CPTG* Essential Oils
  • About Great Oils For Spring & Summertime Use

You’ll also get doTerra’s Gardeners’ Journal (from Living Magazine) and 8 Tips for Starting You Own Organic Garden.

Healthy snacks using doTerra Essential Oils will be served!

O'Leary Zyto CompassPlus Receive a FREE ZYTO® Health Scan! Learn more about the Zyto health scan at

Schedule Your Personal Essential Oil Scan Today by calling 303.525.6893. Appointments available in 15 minute increments from 2:15 – 4 pm on Saturday, March 28th.

More info at

ClaireIMG_1663About Claire: Founder of Clear Heart Healing Arts and Profound JournalingTM, Claire O’Leary works with women to ease their pain, so they can live a passionate, joyful and inspired life through the 4R’s (Reveal, Release, Reframe and Reiki). Whether you’re dealing with physical pain, loss, grief, anger or trauma, the trapped energy affects all aspects of your life. Claire offers fully customized programs that use the 4 R’s to bring you back to joy, passion & inspiration in a short time. She has been using essential oils personally and in her practice for over 2 years with incredible success in both physical and emotional well being.

The Connection: Mind Your Body

The Connection: Mind Your Body – Film Screening and Open House
Two Nights!
Friday, March 27th and Tuesday, March 31st
7 pm
Calaway Room. Third Street Center,
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale.

Connection Shan-Edit-thumb

Director Shannon Harvey

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, journalist and filmmaker Shannon Harvey traveled the world in
search of the missing link in healthcare.

From interviewing world leading scientists to meeting people with remarkable stories of recovery from severe back pain,
heart disease, infertility, cancer and multiple sclerosis, this documentary delves into the link between our mind and body.

The film includes an internationally recognized line up of scientists including Dr. Herbert Benson, researchers including
Dr. Dean Ornish, writers including Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and renowned medical doctors including Dr. Andrew Weil.
The film also features compelling true stories of recovery such as Professor George Jelinek, a Professor of Emergency
Medicine who has recovered from multiple sclerosis, and Dr. Ian Gawler who recovered from an aggressive bone cancer
against the odds.


Dr. Dean Ornish

The Connection is a film that proves we have more influence on our health outcomes than we ever thought possible.

 Meet local meditation and mindfulness groups who have been invited to greet participants at the screening and share information about their programs.

 Tickets: $8 at the door. Proceeds benefit local non-profit wellness organizations.

 Co-sponsored by Davi Nikent, Center for Human Flourishing and Elinor Fish, Running and Wellness coach (

Spring Into Wellness

First Friday Carbondale
April 3, 2015
Spring Into Wellness
Celebrating Health Eating Active Living   (H. E. A. L.)

First Friday logoShowcasing wellness practitioners and businesses that support the health and well-being of our community

Promoting Carbondale’s Role in the Live Well Colorado Initiative!

When:   5:00 – 8:00 pm (and beyond)

Where: Two Featured Locations

  • Main Street and periphery – businesses up and down Main Street and just off Main.
  • Third Street Center hosting wellness activities and tables for practitioners and businesses not in the core or periphery. Community Garden representatives, Bread Oven community and more on the south lawn.

Why: Collaboratively we are raising awareness of all the wellness opportunities that are available in Carbondale.

Whose Involved: Yoga studios, Restaurants, Juice Bars, Coffee Shops, Bike Shops, Sports businesses, Gyms/Fitness Centers, Physician Offices, Health Coaches, Nutritionists and more!

Co-Sponsors: (as of March 12th)
Carbondale Chamber of Commerce           
Town of Carbondale Recreation Department
Third Street Center                                      
Dr. Powell, ND                                               
Clear Heart Healings Arts                            
MasterMinds 4 Wellness                              
Hippocrates Table                                         
Davi Nikent, Center for Human Flourishing