BioEnergetic Health Presentations

NES Health Bioenergenic Health Presentations
with Certified Health Coach Laurie Nathe
Wednesday, October 10th
6:30 to 8 pm
3rd Street Center, Calaway Room
520 S.Third Street, Carbondale

Be A Part Of The New Health Care Revolution!

Join Laurie Nathe FREE demonstration of the NES Health Scan & the miHealth Device

This is an opportunity to discover breakthrough treatment options for you, your family and your beloved animals!

NES blends Traditional Chinese Medicine and Biofeedback Technology to remove energetic blockages in the body’s field to promote healing!

The NES miHealth device can:
• improve circulation
• improve digestion
• Increase energy levels
• improve sleep patterns
• help with!\ mobility in joints
• enhance mental & emotional health
• reduce and eliminate pain
• speed recovery after athletic activity
• aid in relaxation • Perform rejuvenating facials
• improve Lymphatic system circulation


Your facilitator:

Laurie Nathe

For information or to schedule a session contact Laurie Nathe at 612-298-4610 or e-mail

More about NES Health at

Donations to Davi Nikent Center for Human Flourishing appreciated.

Intro to Misha’s Bio-Energetic Assisting

An Evening of Evening of Spirituality, Healing & Meditation with MISHA (Mikhail A. Jirnov)
Friday, September 14, 2018
7 to 8:30 pm
Third Street Center, Round Room
520 S. Third Street Carbondale, CO

Misha is a world known Spiritual Teacher and Bioenergy Master, Certified Professional Life Coach, and the creator of Bioenergetic Assisting. He spent his whole life working with bioenergetics of the body, using his natural gift and extra sensory abilities.

Mikhail’s long-time teacher, Valentina is from a line of village healers of southwestern Siberia. It resulted in Mikhail utilizing some of Siberian healers approaches in his bioenergetic work. After more than 20 years of helping people, he came up with his own method of working with bioenergetic field of the body, called Bioenergetic Assisting.

Misha will provide an explanation of his mastery of Bioenergetic Assisting. He will offer a unique meditation and then will invite attendees to experience a brief session of the Bioenergetic Assisting.

Misha and his wife Dr. Yuliya Jirnov, DOM(NM), L.Ac have a clinic, Come For Health, in Montrose, Colorado. Appointments can be made by contacting them through this website…

Please Note: Misha is available for private sessions by appointment on Saturday, September 15th.
Call 970-318-0198 to make an appointment.

Admission FREE and donation to Davi Nikent Center for Human Flourishing appreciated.

Misha on YouTube:

He (Misha) is one of the most powerful energy masters we have ever experienced. It is a blessing to be treated by Misha, and we highly recommend having a session with him.” – Leslie Temple-Thurston, Santa Fe, NM
About Leslie Temple-Thurston – CoreLight

Questions? and to make an appointment call Yuliya at 970-318-0198 or or e-mail to:

Learn about Misha’s work on YouTube:

Misha’s website is

Reset Your Mindset with Bach Flower Remedies

How to Better Your Life with Alicia Sirkin, BFRP
Wednesday, August 29th
7 – 8:30 pm
Third Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

How we meet challenges, understand ourselves and relate others makes all the difference in our quality of life. Imbalanced relationships with loved ones, colleagues, clients and even ourselves can rob us of joy and peace, create undue stress and lead to illness.

In this FREE presentation, Alicia Sirkin, BFRP, holistic life coach, educator, researcher, author and speaker will introduce you to the Bach Flower remedies – a life-altering tool that supports you in improving relationships and bettering your life.

Bach Flower remedies, a simple self-help system of healing through the restoration of positive mind states, can shift the negative equation, alleviate worry and stress, renew clarity, and create a greater sense of ease, self-confidence, motivation and well-being.

You’ll learn how to boost the effects of Rescue Remedy, the crisis formula, for stress-relief.

As the founder of the Sirkin Creative Living Center, LLC, Alicia loves to work with people who are ready for change and want to live life balanced and bold!

To register, contact Alicia at 305-323-1187 or
More info at: