Explore Sound with Bonte Lane

Explore Sound with Bonte Lane
Three Sessions on Tuesday evenings: July 17, July 31st and August 14th
7 to 8:30 pm
Calaway Room 3rd Street Center
520 S. Third Street Carbondale

Join Bonte Lane (aka Pam Rosenthal) for a playful exploration of sounds to assist in personal transformation. This is an invitation to experience crystal singing bowl vibrations and to explore your own vocal sounds through or during movement and stillness.

Pam Rosenthal recently completed a BA in Music at Naropa University. Her studies included investigating healing sounds created by crystal singing bowls and vocals.

Suggested donation $15 per session

For more info and to sign up email bontelane@gmail.com or call 970-319-0108

Hua Shan Taoist Chi Kung

Hua Shan Taoist Chi Kung with Kearns Kelly
(by appointment)

Hua Shan Chi Kung is a complete system of Taoist practice that cultivates health, wellness, and spiritual development. The transformational potential of the practice is enacted through 3 levels, each level with 36 exercises.

A message from Kearns – “I recognize many benefits of my Chi Kung practice over the last 3 years, most notably a greater sense of balance, wellbeing, and groundedness. I feel a deeper appreciation of who I am and how I naturally express myself in the world in an authentic way — rather than responding to life through the limitations of my conditioning. The opportunities to deepen, expand, and grow through the practice are infinite, and the intelligence of the practice will guide each individual through their own process.

My teacher, Larry Johnson, who is the lineage holder of this particular style of Hua Shan Chi Kung, has recently given me permission to teach. I am excited to share this potent practice with those who feel inspired. Lessons are taught one to one between teacher and student, and typically last an hour.”

For details about lessons contact Kearns at kearnsonearth@gmail.com or call 970-948-0261.

Kearns Kelly has lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for 25 years. He is an explorer and a seeker with deep interest in finding and expressing his authentic being – living as a full human being. Kearns and his wife Valery are raising their 2 daughters along the Crystal River at the base of Mt Sopris. Kearns invites you to join him on a journey of expression through the practice of Hua Shan Taoist Chi Kung.

Dogs Have Chakras Too

Dogs Have Chakras Too with Lori Lynn Spencer
Thursday, June 14th
6:30 pm
3rd Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Join Lori Lynn Spencer on a journey exploring your dog’s energy field and gather some practical applications to creating and supporting wellness in your four-legged companion. Dogs absorb their owner’s energy, so is it really a stretch to imagine they may be responding to your emotions? How can realigning your dogs’ chakras guide them to be more healthy, and stave off dis-ease? Come to this workshop and learn how!

You may also schedule a private session for your canine companion to experience her work first hand by contacting Lori Lynn at 312) 636.0440 to schedule an appointment.

Lori is a board certified, therapeutic massage practitioner who specializes in inflammation, and pain. Ms. Spencer studied hands-on energy healing in Norway. She works with animals to assist them to heal, and her primary practice aligns in serving as a guide to help people heal. You may learn more about Lori at www.LoriLynnSpencer.com

A FREE Event. Donations to Davi Nikent appreciated.