Shari Billger – A Weekend of Workshops

All workshops at 3rd St. Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Sound Blast Vibrational Healing
Thursday, February 1
6 – 8 pm

Experience a combination of healing modalities – frequency plus intention equals healing!!! Energy, sound healing and issue re-patterning assists you in this goal. There will be individual and group healings.

“How Vibration Heals Us: Every color, every sound, whether your voice, music, tuning forks, crystal and Tibetan bowls or each different crystal has a vibration. However, in addition to any of the various vibrations used to create healing, we must address a very important concept: that of cause and effect. True healing comes about when the cause of the condition or illness is addressed and transformed. If healing goes no further than a mere relief or masking of the symptoms, then, eventually, that which brought about the need for healing, in the first place, will resurface and manifest itself within the body in one form or another.” – Shari Billger, Certified International Sound Healer

Energy exchange: $33. Scroll down for registration information.

Human Design, Level I
Saturday, February 3rd
10 am to 7:30 pm

Be part of this growing trend headed towards critical mass. Learn from experienced certified HD teacher. Each individual chart, calculated using your birth date, time and place, is a “map” of how you process energy. The chart reveals your strengths, your potential weaknesses, your gifts and talents. Most importantly, the chart tells the story of who you are, why you are here and how you can live a life that is true to who you really are.

Note: Registration required by January 18 along with birth info of your family members as time is required to complete all of your charts.
Energy exchange: $155, $77 deposit. Scroll down for registration information.

Disconnecting from the Collective Conscious/Unconscious Fear Matrix
Sunday, February 4th
1:30 – 5 pm

From Shari: “I have facilitated this Fear Matrix disconnect in many cities and countries now. I have also done two PBS TV shows on the Fear Matrix. This matrix is like a form of distortion in our etheric grid, that creates all on Earth that are connected to it, to experience disempowerment in this world. We are all aware of this matrix in some way. There has been a great movie called The Matrix made about it. This is an advanced healing process from The Spiritual Planes that will free your energy from this matrix so you can connect with God and your soul in a higher vibrational resonance. If you are being fed by the matrix, the energies of control and fear will be within your energy body, no matter how much healing you do on yourself.”

Each student will receive a healing from Shari!

Please register no later than Jan. 26 as there is a prerequisite homework assignment to be completed three days before class for optimal results.

Energy exchange: $55, deposit of $33 required prior to receiving homework assignment.

Register with Shari for all classes:, 719-332-3947

Shari Billger is an international teacher of DNA Flower of Life from the God Center, Creator of DNA Activated Reiki, Relationships/Tantra, Disconnecting from the Fear Matrix, QHHT-Past Life Regression Workshop.  She is a certified Human Design Teacher/Specialist and is the Chairperson of the International Flower of Life Facilitator Council. Shari is a spiritual teacher and certified healer in many healing modalities including QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) EFT, Holographic Repatterning, Color and Crystal Therapy and Reiki.  In her workshops, Shari leads you on a journey to cosmic consciousness, helping you to remember that love is all there is, ever was, and all there ever will be.

Learn more about Shari at

Workshops supported by Davi Nikent, Center for Human Flourishing & Emily Marshall

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