TUNED-IN: The Soundtrack of Your Life


Davi Nikent, Center for Human Flourishing and Pathfinders Aspen present

TUNED-IN: The Soundtrack of Your Life with Molly Lord, MA
Saturday and Sunday, October 14th and 15th
8:30 am to 5:30 pm each day!

Carbondale Community School
1505 Satank Road
Carbondale, CO 81623

A wildly inspiring transformational  two-day adventure in the music you love –
from Bach to Rock

green-short-300x2911Molly Lord will lead us in an exploration of why music inspires human flourishing…from its healing powers to how it guides behavior patterns and relationship interactions.

Discover where music helps define YOUR life’s Hero’s Journey as it transforms YOU – mind, body and spirit.


A life-changing workshop for Music lovers, and lovers of the journey! Men, women, biologists, teachers, artists, moms, techies, therapists/healers, plumbers, woodworkers; Classical lovers, R&B junkies, world pop peeps, blues buddies and more.


  • Life is changing tracks too quickly?
  • Feeling off-course with your dreams and worry time’s running out on making them happen?
  • You’re grasping at holding onto life’s highs?
  • A restless yearning that is waiting to be expressed and resolved?

Try on this wild idea – IMAGINE…your iPod, a CD or a cassette tape delivering reassuring and startling answers to such questions as…

      • Have I made the best decisions along my life’s path?
      • I always felt direction in my life – until lately. NOW WHAT?
      • Can I EVER relax and feel the wind in my hair?
      • So many possibilities ahead… Can I get it wrong?
      • What will be my legacy?  Will it count?

Experience a most peculiar and powerful formula for living your Hero’s Journey – AWAKE.

What if simple shifts in how you view your life’s Hero’s Journey could inspire you to…

“I was prepared for TUNED-IN to be an exciting sharing of our life patterns and point of view —
but Molly’s idea of the conjunction of that with MUSIC, and how to use that in one’s own life, even for a lifelong music performer like myself — THAT was extraordinarily surprising and life changing.” – PETER YARROW, Peter Paul & Mary

ML_cropped-header32molly-page-163x300Molly Lord, MA is an innovative educator, screenwriter, with a keen sense of story. She is loved by audiences nationwide for her wit and for her capacity to spark a dynamic, unique life perspective.

Learn more about Molly at mollylord.com

What a privilege to welcome Molly to our community!

SPACE IS LIMITED! Reserve your place NOW.


Preregistration Is Required. Tuition includes organic snacks and 2 organic whole food lunches.|
Early Registration Tuition: $174 (by until Oct 1)
Regular Tuition: $194 (after Oct 1)
Accepting Pre-REGISTRATION now. Download and fill out Registration_TUNED-IN_Oct_2017 and e-mail it to info@davinikent.org.

Forms can also be mailed with payment by check to Davi Nikent, P.O. Box 307, Carbondale, CO 81623


Make your payment NOW through PayPal:

For more information e-mail info@davinikent.org or call 970-618-5879.

Proud co-sponsors of Molly’s workshop:

   Pathfinders of Aspen


Davi Nikent, Center for Human Flourishing.

Estaryia Venus Sound Healing and more…

International Sound Healer Estaryia Venus
returns to Carbondale…

An Evening of Enlightenment with Sacred Sound, Shamanic Healing and Cellular Frequency Activation
Saturday, August 26
7 to 9 pm
3rd Street Center, 520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Estaryia Venus

We are excited that Estaryia Venus has agreed to return to Carbondale before she heads back to the East Coast!

Estaryia has the gift of multi-phonic voice and ethereal vocal frequency that she combines with her unique tonal instruments. Her sound healing concert produces astonishing powerful sound waves that emit a healing charge that can be felt reverberating and amplifying throughout your entire body.

You will experience:

  • Vibrational Cleansing & Harmonization
  • Cellular DNA Activation & Attunement
  • More Energy Acceleration in your cells
  • Expansion in vibration of Love — Integrating more of your Heart energy field into all your bio-rhythms and with the Earth.
  • Learn about the gateway that was opened at the recent Solar Eclipse and what to expect in the upcoming months.
  • Experience the energy of dolphins through sound and visuals.
Admission: $25 for a 2 hour experience
To reserve your space CALL: 808-673-1829 or e-mail info@davinikent.org.

Estaryia’s offerings bring people into the oneness within their being and into alignment with their highest life purpose.  Estaryia is a unifyer who  moves groups to a place of collective intention.  She has made it her life mission for two decades to authentically follow her calling towards assisting humanity experience harmonic alignment at all levels.

Estaryia leads vibrational healing workshops, sound healing rejuvenation and yoga retreats, sacred sound concerts and sacred site tours worldwide. Estaryia has made public presentations at events featuring Deepak Chopra and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. She conducts healing sessions throughout the world.

“I experienced an extraordinary sound-healing session with Estaryia Venus, I highly recommend for stress, pain, and other disorders of the body mind and nervous system.” – John L. Turner, MD, Neurological Surgery

“Most transformative experience I’ve ever had. Stress melted, I feel lighter, & the pain in my back I’ve had for years released!” – S. Bowmen

An Invitation to be Profoundly Changed…

You can learn more about Estaryia by visiting her website at www.Estaryia.com




Holotropic Breathwork® Workshop

Facilitated by Dia Lynn, RsD, Grof Certified Facilitator
Saturday, August 19
8:30 am to 6 pm
Calaway Room, 3rd Street, Center,
520 S. Third Street, Carbondale

Experience Holotropic Breathwork®!

This work, as part of perinatal psychology, is deeply personal and experiential. The context provides for the possibility of regressing into issues around birth. Your facilitators are trained to allow for spontaneous expression of suppressed memories and emotions.

Dr. Stanislove Grof & Dia Lynn, RsD.

The day will include partner breathing sessions to evocative music in a safe setting, mandala drawing of your experience, and focused bodywork, then end with group sharing. The healing potential of work in non-ordinary states of consciousness allow for the retrieval past experiences, reframing them in the present, opening the heart for a more loving future.

Fee: $150.00. Pre-registration is required. Space is limited to 12 participants.
For Questions and to REGISTER: Contact Dia Lynn at 831.601.3338 or email dia@dialynn.com.
(An application with special instructions will be provided to reserve your place in the workshop.)

Dia Lynn, RsD, has a plethora of healing modalities at her finger-tips. She has been working with Dr. Stanislav Grof since 1991 when she completed facilitator’s training in Grof Holotropic Breathwork. The overall intent of her Holistic Healing practice is to provide sessions that individually or together bring a person back to a feeling of balance (equilibrium) and wholeness. She has recently become a Certified Light Therapist and offers private sessions with the InLight Medical Devices that deliver polychromatic light therapy.